Choosing the Right Pipette Tip

The accuracy and precision of a pipette depends on the type of tip used. Using the wrong tip can lead to contamination, waste of reagents and samples, and even repetitive stress injury. Here are some tips to help you choose the right tip for the application. Read on to learn more. But first, it's important […]

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The Basics of ELISA Drug Testing

ELISA drug testing is the most common and accurate method for detecting the presence of various drugs in human blood, urine, or hair samples. These tests have been in use for decades, and can detect a vast array of analytes. Moreover, they have the unique ability to detect various impurities in different samples, such as […]

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A Block Heater Is a Convenient and Affordable Laboratory Thermometer

A block heater or cooler is a laboratory thermometer that uses modular blocks to control temperature. The units can hold reaction vessels, tubes and vials. Digital and analogue models can provide precise temperature control. Many units can be purchased as a set of individual blocks, or as an array. Shaking heaters are also a useful […]

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DNA Extraction From Paraffin Embedded Tissue

DNA extraction from paraffin-embedded tissue is a method that has recently gained importance as a diagnostic tool for a variety of diseases. In general, this procedure aims to preserve intact tissue samples for further study, while providing researchers with a reliable source of nucleic acid for correlation with disease states or genetic traits. However, the […]

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Plant DNA Extraction

Plant DNA can be isolated from leaves by several methods. One of these methods is called CTAB and involves the use of PVP, which is an excipient used in the purification of DNA. Both CTAB and Edwards methods are applicable to all types of plants. They are both very effective, with the CTAB method being […]

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Elisa Reader And Washer On Sale

All of those elisa readers and washer are CE, ISO, BIOBASE, SGS licensed for making certain optimum and protected high quality. You can also choose from elisa readers and washer that include intuitive interfaces, inner or exterior printers, good temperature controls, and might conduct a quantity of exams at a time. The sturdy and superior […]

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What Is A Lateral Flow Gadget And How Can Be Used?

The researchers reported a restrict of detection of two.5μg/kg for chicken tissue containing dinitolmide, and the assay was fully corresponding to liquid chromatography and ELISA. Gold nanoparticles (gold spheres with measurement 30 and a hundred nm or gold-silica shells with dimension one hundred fifty nm) and antibody-based detection have been additionally used within the improvement of […]

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